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Price Research

Market Analysis

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Actuarial Group
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Actuarial Group
Actuarial Group
Actuarial Group

The Actuarial Group can give you advice in several areas of their specialty:

Actuarial Group Provisioning
Actuarial Group Rates and Risk Subscription
Actuarial Group Solvency and Capital at Risk
Actuarial Group Accidents
Actuarial Group Valuations of Assets and Liabilities
Actuarial Group Risk Management
Actuarial Group Valuation of Insurance Companies
Actuarial Group Valuation of Benefit Plans
Actuarial GroupActuarial Group New Insurance Companies
Actuarial Group Commercial Audits


  • Analysis of Technical Provisions
  • Provisioning on Economic Principles
  • Fair Value of Technical Provisions
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Rates and Risk Subscription

  • Analysis of Results
  • Construction of Rates and Risk Scoring
  • Database Data Mining
  • Definition of patterns of Fraudulent Claims
  • Definition of patterns of Cash-surrender
  • Profit Testing
  • Follow-up of Rates and Results
  • Analysis and Definition of the Subscription Policy
  • Design and Analysis Systems of Bonus-Malus
  • Creation of Experience Rating Systems
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Actuarial GroupSolvency and Capital at Risk

  • Economic Capital
  • Solvency II
  • Development of internal models for Solvency
  • Risk of Asset Market
  • Risk of Subscription
  • Credit Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Integrated Risk Management
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  • Analysis of Accidents
  • Elaboration of Mortality Tables
  • Elaboration of Other Decrements Tables
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Valuations of Assets and Liabilities

  • Valuation of Options and Guarantees
  • Valuation of Derivatives
  • Calculation of the Value of Non-Traditional Benefits
  • IFRS 7
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Actuarial GroupRisk Management

  • Risk Mitigation via Reinsurance and / or Derivatives
  • Analysis of the Viability of Interest Rate Swaps
  • Management and Modelling of Assets and Liability
  • Integrated Risk Management

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Valuation of Insurance

  • Embedded Value
  • Market Consistent Embedded Value
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Valuation of Benefit Plans

  • Simulation of Social Security Systems
  • Valuation of Pension Funds
  • Directive Accounting 19
  • Evolution of Actuarial Gains and Losses
  • Valuation of Lifetime Health Insurance
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Actuarial GroupNew Insurance Companies

  • Strategic Plan
  • New Products
  • Administrative Circuits
  • Management Control
  • Implementation of Information Systems

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Commercial Audits

  • Analysis of Commercial Structure
  • Measuring of Business Productivity
  • Design of Commercial Tracking Plan

Actuarial Group
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