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Actuarial Group
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Actuarial Group
Actuarial Group
Actuarial Group Enrolments
Actuarial, Lda, the company to which the brand ACTUARIAL Group is associated is an entity certified by DGERT (General Direction of Employment and Labor Relations).

Every year hundreds of trainees visit the ACTUARIAL Group, attending the various Workshops run by it under the following headings:

Actuarial Group Inter-Company Workshops and Seminars
Actuarial Group Intra-Company Training
Actuarial Group Coaching of Staff Members
Actuarial Group Certification of Staff Members

Actuarial Group
Inter-Company Workshops and Seminars

Training programs are developed in order to cover all sectors and / or activity of insurance companies and pension fund management companies, but may be of interest - due to its transversality - for many companies in other sectors of economic activity.

The training programs designed by the ACTUARIAL Group can be grouped by subject areas:

    • Legislation of Insurance and Pension Funds
    • Insurance
    • Pension Funds
    • Strategy and Company Policy
    • Actuarial
    • Risk Management
    • Accounting, Asset and Liability Management, Investments, Financial and Reinsurance Markets
    • Settlement of Claims
    • Business Strategy and Tactics
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Social Security

Actuarial Group
List of Couses and PDF files:

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Intra-Company Training

This is an extension of the Workshops and seminars area, tailored to the needs of a particular company.

Customization allows you to create any kind of training through a combination of modules from several Workshops.

All inter-company training activities developed by the ACTUARIAL Group may be given in the form of intra-company.

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Actuarial GroupCoaching of Staff Members

It is increasingly used for rapid training of staff members, and enables companies to have staff members trained in a personal manner, addressing the problems that arise daily.

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Certification of Staff Members

A set of training programs complete with a set of tests, whose approval allows for the obtaining of a diploma.

Actuarial Group
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