Serviços Actuariais ACTUARIAL SERVICES

We have services in six major areas:


Actuarial Non-Life Insurance
- Product design;
- Design of Bonus-Málus systems;
- Business cancellations;
- Analysis of claims;
- Fraud profiles.

Actuarial Life Insurance
- Product design;
- Analysis of claims;
- Fraud profiles;
- Mortality, survival and disability risk:
- Surrenders and business cancellations;
- Embedded Value and Appraisal Value.

Actuarial Investments
- Evaluation of assets, derivatives and liabilities;
- Modeling of assets and liabilities;
- Investment analysis;
- Dynamic financial analysis;
- Retention of reinsurance.

Actuarial Long-term Benefits and Pension Plans
Long-term benefits and pension plans.
Actuarial Enterprise Risk Management
- Gap analsys and strategic planning;
- Corporate governance structure;
- Risk model;
- Risk appetite;
- Risk control, risk mitigation and risk budgeting;
- Reporting and monitoring;
- Culture of risk and communication with stakeholders;
- Product design, underwriting and claims;
- Capital management.


Actuarial Valuation of Liabilities
Provisions for claims, mathematical provisions and premiums;
Long-term insurance, pensions and social security;
Claims deviation and catastrophes.
Actuarial Valuation of Assets
Mark to market, mark to model, options and guarantees.
Actuarial Valuation of Insurers and Portfolios
Embedded Value and Appraisal Value.


Actuarial Gap Analysis

Actuarial Matching
Actuarial Risk Budgeting



Actuarial Rate Construction

Actuarial Profit Testing

Actuarial Risk Scoring


 IFRS 17

Actuarial Gap Analysis

Actuarial Design

Actuarial Implementation


Actuarial Calculation of Capital Requirements
- Underwriting Risk (Life, Non-life and Health);
- Market Risk;
- Credit Risk or Counterparty Default;
- Operational Risk.

Actuarial Internal Models
Internal models. 

Actuarial Reinsurance
- Levels of retention;
- Minimization of capital requirements.

Actuarial Narrative Reports
Solvency and Financial Condition Report and Regular Supervisory Reporting addressing:
- Business and performance; 
- System of governance;
- Risk profile; 
- Valuation for solvency purposes;
- Capital management.
Actuarial Own Risk Solvency Assessment (ORSA)
Assessment of the company's risk profile, from a current and prospective perspective:
- Analysis of extreme scenarios, stress tests and reverse stress tests;
- Definition of management actions that are justified, given the results of stress tests and reverse stress tests developed.

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